I can't thank you enough. First, you made traffic school a lot more fun than I thought it would be, then you save me a king's ransom on car insurance.


Many thanks for a wonderful experience at The Last Traffic Stop! It was refreshing to be in a learning environment with someone who has knowledge based on experience, and to learn anecdotally, rather than "straight from the book." You are a living, breathing episode of "Cops,"and I enjoyed every minute!


I just wanted to thank you so much for your defensive driving clinic and also the letter you wrote for me to use in court. Both my lawyer and the judge said they had never seen such an outstanding letter! All my charges were dropped, and I have you to thank for it! So once again, thank you so much! I hope all your defensive driving clinics are going as well as mine did!


I wanted to take the time to thank you for your presentation this past Saturday, and for making the subject matter as interesting as possible. There are many ways to present this material, and the way you went about doing it was as informative as it was fascinating. I recently graduated from college, and I have attended quite a few "sleeper" courses, and know how boring a class can be. Your class rated right up there with some of the most interesting classes I took while at Virginia Tech. You dispelled my fear that I wouldn't learn anything in the class. It takes an art to teaching people, and you certainly possess that gift; you're doing something special if you successfully captivate an audience for over 8 hours. I haven't figure out, however, if our attention was captured because of your dissertation, or because of that 3 foot lead pipe you were whipping around in your right hand! The important thing is that I will walk away from your class having learned a lot, and hopefully having become a safer driver.


While we were in class you said, "There must be something about my class;" Well, let me tell you, in case you don't know it yet. Your class, "It is great." Thank you for making this class so fun and understandable, the 8 hours went so fast that I did not notice I was there for so long."


I sat in the back so that I could daydream without notice. However, to my surprise and delight, I found the class interesting and informative. You have a very unique teaching style that draws students into the class and facilitates learning - whether they want to or not! Your personal experiences and stories added a great deal to the class experience.


Good morning Mr. Guerrero,
First, I'd like to thank you for the wonderful class my son Scot and I attended in April. You may recall Scot received a reckless driving ticket (for speeding 25 over) back in March in Springfield heading to his high school baseball game. He and I attended your class at the recommendation of my lawyer, Matthew McConnell, with me there more as support for my son. However, not only did we learn to drive more carefully, we also learned many new life lessons from you. It has helped us tremendously! PLUS, my +5 points makes me feel good too!

Scot had his day in court on Friday, June 19, 2015 and I can tell you for certain that the fact he went to your class made a huge difference to the Judge. Not only was he going to expunge the ticket after 6 months of good behavior, but he also applauded Scot for taking the initiative to take the class from you. The Judge, forgive me I don't remember his name, recognized your company and you, and knew he had been taught well! However, because the officer never showed up, Scot's charge was completely dismissed!! Very HAPPY!! Absolutely no mention of the ticket on his driving record!!

Scot was ecstatic with the outcome!! He left for Parris Island to become a Marine two days ago with a clear conscience and a lot of that has to do with you! Many, many, many thanks to you sir! It was a great pleasure getting to know you and sharing that Saturday with a GREAT instructor!!



Mr. Guerrero,
I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the help, advice, and education that you gave me. My traffic case came out better than expected. My case was leaving me feeling hopeless and uncontrollable until I found your class. I enjoyed your presentations, information and shared experiences. I admire the outstanding work you are doing. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to improve the outcome of their case.

I was wondering if you have heard from the 106mph guy in our class and Miss W’s outcome? I hope I never face the charges that were before me again, but if I ever want, or need, to take this class again you can bet it will be at the Last Traffic Stop with you. Thanks again and best wishes to you and yours for the future.


Driving Class - $60

Reference Letter - $25

Copy of Driving Record - $8

Court Costs - $62

Fine - $150

Not Going to Jail or Losing My License – Priceless!!

Thank you for your help,


Mr. Guerrero,
Just a note to let you know that I believe the judge was impressed with my proactive actions, and that the outcome would have been dramatically different had I not done all that I did to show remorse for such a serious speeding charge.

Joe King represented me in court, and I think we were equally impressed with each other.

Thanks again for all your expertise & assistance.


Good Afternoon Mr. Guerrero,
How are you? This is Christian H.G. [full last name redacted for privacy]. I was in your class on 02-28-2009 and it was such a great class and so helpful for me. I got my reckless ticket lowered to just a speeding ticket, again thanks to your class and your court tips.

On a separate note, I remember you mentioned you had some contacts in the case we wanted to do some community service. I actually do need to do community service (prior offense from back in December) and I was wondering if you could provide me some information.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you once again and take care.

Christian H.

Dear Mr. Guerrero,
I wanted to write and thank you for all of the wisdom and insights you provided in your class yesterday, both relating to driving and to life in general. When you were talking about not risking all that you have achieved in life by doing something stupid on the road, I felt like you were talking directly to me. I have and will take your wise words to heart and already it is changing my life and how I drive. Just driving home from your class, I noticed that I am a completely different and much safer driver.

I also appreciate you writing the letter on my behalf. The only question I have is relating to the statement that I took the class at the first available opening. As I mentioned to you when we talked on the phone, I was in Japan for several weeks working with clients of our law firm and thus took the class when I returned to the U.S., but my court date is tomorrow, Monday, April 27, 2009. I suppose I could just explain this to the Judge if asked, but I wanted to ask you about it beforehand. Would you please be so kind as to give me your advice on this point?

Once again, I cannot thank you enough for all that you taught me yesterday. I am sure it will make me a much more careful driver, and may just save my life or the lives of others.

With warmest personal regards,

J. K.

Dear Mr. Guerrero,
I am pleased to report that the Judge was impressed with the letter you wrote and my completing your course so he dropped the charge to a 3 point improper driving and small fine.

Thank you very much again for all of your advice and wisdom.

I hope to see you again, but outside of your class!

Best regards,


Mr. Guerrero,
I had my court case today (Fairfax county), and everything you talked about during class was true. In fact I think one person from class was arrested. I don't think he paid much attention. Well the lawyer made everything easier talking to the Commonwealth attorney and making a deal. Talking with another lawyer in the hallway said that the current judges were not the best to have. The charge was lowered to Improper Driving rather than Reckless Driving.

Thank you,


DMV Audit Report
All areas in compliance.

Mr. Guerrero conducts a very informative, detailed and professional class.

Thank you for the help, advice, and guidance you gave me. I did hire an attorney from Richmond who works very often in Caroline County and my traffic case came out better than expected. The attorney was very impressed with the 2 classes I took, the speedometer calibration, and the recommendation letter from you - and so was the judge. We plead guilty and my charge 94 in a 65mph was lowered to 74 in a 65mph.

I appreciate all of the help you gave me very much. I enjoyed your class and will recommend it to my friends.

Best Regards -

P. R.

Mr Guerrero,
Thanks for all your help and support during the last two months. Your course was a very indispensable tool in my court case. I attended the class on May 30th. I also had my speedometer calibrated and a well written letter by you. I was offered a plea bargain by the prosecutor at Fairfax County Court, which I accepted. Instead of a big, ugly reckless driving which would have haunted me for at least 11 years, I plead guilty to improper driving--a significantly lesser, and more importantly, simply a traffic infraction.

The +5 on my record, your class, letter and the speedometer error you uncovered for me all proved to be very beneficial. I'm very grateful for your services, Sir, though I hope I am never in the situation to take your course again!

Enjoy your summer!

Dear Mr. Guerrero:
I want to thank you for the good preparation you provided in your class- and I would be willing to recommend your class to others who may be facing a similar situation to mine. I do appreciate the good dose of humor and wisdom you put into your class- which made what could have been a somewhat painful experience, quite a bit more bearable.

I ended up in front of Judge Lorraine Nordlund and pled not guilty (I was doing 80mph and I knew it). All I did was to present a copy of my Maryland driver’s record, the certificate from your class, and your letter of recommendation. She actually spent a couple of minutes reading your letter.

Judge Nordlund said that by taking the class, I had demonstrated that I was taking responsibility for my actions. She reduced the charge to 74 in a 55mph zone. I ended up paying a $100.00 fine, $62.00 in costs, and $8.00 for parking.

Not fun, but it could have been worse, considering the draconian punishments Virginia imposes on speeders.

Thank you very much for your help.



I thoroughly enjoyed your class, and found it to be the most comprehensively educational defensive driving course I have ever taken. Your story-telling personalized what otherwise, in any other defensive driving course, could be a tedious and long day. Not the case at all in your course! You engaged me from the start, and held my interest all day long. You used interactive training techniques that involved all of the participants and you even gave us a chance to tell our stories. You imparted invaluable information to those who might face court dates by providing specific information that could leverage an individual's position in every district court in the metropolitan DC area.


I wanted to personally thank you for the very professional presentation of "Driving Improvement Training." Although most of us that attended your class would rather have been somewhere else and not in the class, your professional presentation and attitude made it an interesting and informative experience. I have been driving for over 36 years and was pleasantly surprised to find that I truly did not "know it all" (a trap that older drivers can fall into as well as teenage drivers). You should know that because I took your class before going to court, the judge decided not to suspend my driving license. This was a great relief to me and my family, for a suspension of my driving privileges would have created a great hardship on all of us. I would recommend anyone to your class; it was great!


I attended your driving class two weeks ago and have since then made my appearance in traffic court. Armed with the letter of recommendation you so kindly provided me with, my lawyer and myself were hoping for a lenient sentence. When it all boiled down, the verdict was a $500 fine, 30 days in jail (ALL SUSPENDED), and loss of my driving privileges for 6 months. To some this sounds like a harsh sentence, but for a guy doing 100mph in a 55mph zone in Fairfax County, I consider myself extremely lucky not to be in the slammer. Your letter certainly helped my cause, and probably kept me out of jail. I would just like to say thank you for taking the time to help keep an honest, hardworking person out of jail."


from Kevin's attorney

I thank you very much for the time you spent with my client. I believe that you letter of recommendation was DEFINITIVE and kept him out of jail when he went before the Honorable Judge.

Thank you for your help with my speeding ticket problem. When I went to court, the judge yelled at me for driving recklessly and then told me I was free to go (I am not sure what happened, but I am not going to question it!!). I have learned my lesson and have become a much better driver. Thank you again for your help, I am very grateful!!


DMV gave me the list of classes and out of all the hundreds listed I called yours first. You were having a class that evening (Wednesday) and the next. What good fortune.

The class was extremely interesting, specially your stories based on your experience and knowledge. I didn't tell you, but I am a lawyer and have worked for the federal court in Maryland that handles thousands of traffic tickets on the BW Parkway. All the advice you gave was accurate and smart.

I was very impressed that you were able to access DMV's computer immediately after the class. I went to DMV Friday morning and everything went smoothly.

Thank you so much for writing a letter of recommendation for me, I really appreciate it. The judge let me go with just having to pay $50. I want to thank you for convincing me to go to court, because before I took your class and talked to you about my ticket, court was not an option. I was scared to go, but talking to you about it, made me feel more comfortable.
I want you to know that I really liked your class. I walked in with the attitude that it was going to be a boring Saturday, but you made it interesting and fun to learn. Thanks for all your help.


I would like to extend my deepest thanks to you for teaching such an enjoyable class - one which I believe helped my court case tremendously. My charge in Prince William County Court was dropped from a 6pt. reckless charge of 93mph in a 65mph (on I-66 Eastbound) to a 4pt. violation of 79mph in a 65mph, plus a $100 fine. Including court fees, I paid a total of $155 to the court, and because of your class I still have one positive point on my record. I consider myself incredibly lucky for the deal I received, and I'm positive that without your class things would not have gone as well. And through this whole ordeal, any expenses I incurred was money well spent, as I have a better driving record on paper, and I'm also a better driver on the roads. You made me think a lot about my mentality when I'm driving, and I've learned to control it and relax a lot more when driving... for the most part it's become a pleasant activity. Thank you so much, you really made the driving class enjoyable, and I learned a lot of things I probably wouldn't have learned anywhere else.
Again, thank you for your help. If I'm ever in traffic trouble again, I know who to look up. The same goes for my friends and family; your class will always be highly recommended!


I attended your 8-hour driver improvement clinic on May 22, the day before I was to appear in court for a reckless driving ticket. I would have written sooner, but my case was continued twice since then. When the judge finally heard my case, he read your letter and dismissed the charges. Thank you for your generous letter. I know it greatly influenced the judge's decision. I would also like to thank you for offering such a wonderful class. I learned so much more from it than I had expected. Your anecdotes bring the rules and concepts to life and I now think twice when making decisions on the road. Again, thank you. Attending your class was a true learning experience.


Good Evening Mr. Guerrero,
I wanted to let you know how well I did in court today. My case was for reckless driving 83/65 and for illegal tint. I took all of your advice starting with arriving early and being humble and honest. I went to court in my Navy uniform and without a lawyer. Because I had attended your class, had my speedometer calibrated, a print out of my driving record for the pass 7 years(no tickets or accidents) and a receipt that showed I had the tint removed made me feel confident. It showed the judge that I had taken responsibility for my actions and also showed him I wasn't just showing up with the hope he would let me off easy. A lot of people did not have proof of anything they were telling the judge. I think I would have been really upset if I would have hired a lawyer and paid all that money to do what I did on my own. The results were - illegal tint - thrown out, and $50.00 for speeding, reduced to 74/65.

Thank you so much M. Guerrero for all your advice - it paid off - in more ways than one!

Have a great evening.

Ms. Barton

I just wanted to let you know how my day in court turned out. I went last week and took your advice and went early...I was the first one there. I met with the prosecutor, again like you suggested, and told him I took your class and have +5 points on my license as a result. I showed him my DMV Record which I brought in with me, as well as your class certificate. He agreed to reduce my speed from 23 mph over the speed limit to 10-19 mph over the speed limit. As a result, the points were reduced from 6 to 4 and now have +1 point on my license. I couldn't have done it without you Ed! I thank you very very much!

Diana (Bambina)

Thank you for you class and your recommendation. I had my court date yesterday and my reckless case got dropped because I took the class. The judge first reduced the charges to improper driving. I pled guilty to that. Then I told the judge that I also took the driver improvement class. Then the judge decided to drop my case even though I had one ticket on my record from a year ago.
I would like to say thank you for giving me a second chance to make things right. I enjoyed taking your class and learned a lot.

Thank you once again.

Mr. Paul

Hello Edward, I just wanted to thank you for a very effective course on Defensive Driving in April 2008.

You kept everyone’s attention throughout the class. You clearly set the bar high and were a very effective role model for sensible driving in the future. Your many human interest stories and extensive knowledge of the law gave everyone a very good perspective on how to handle ourselves in traffic, with the police, and likewise in court. I note that you said Fairfax County is “very difficult” (close to zero tolerance) for enforcing reckless driving citations. Indeed, that was almost the case with me.

Nonetheless, with the help of an Attorney, and successfully completing your class, and getting my car’s speedometer tested for calibration—the Judge reduced my charge to speeding (19 over), instead of 82 mph in a 55 mph zone. On balance, with 5 positive DMV driving points (from your class) going into court, I still ended up with +1 on my DMV record.

I would unreservedly recommend your course to anyone who asked. The class was thoroughly enjoyable (despite my not wanting to be there, as was the case with most other participants; HA). Wish I had taken your course a decade earlier. Good sense never goes out of style.

Thanks again for your services.



Mr. Guerrero -
I wanted to thank you once again for an excellent course well taught. I had my court date yesterday and received great news: my failure to update license ticket was dropped and my reckless driving ticket was reduced to improper driving - a much better outcome than I had anticipated. Your insight and instruction gave me much more confidence in an intimidating and foreign courtroom environment. Thank you again for providing such an outstanding service.

- Melinda

Dear Mr. Guerrero
I just wanted to let you know that I went to court today. I awoke this morning a little nervous but not as much as I thought I would be. I dressed in the appropriate attire for court and left my house just after 6:30 am. I arrived at the court house early and parked my car and went through security to gain entrance to the court house. I read the monitor to see what court room I would be in (1C) and sat in the lobby outside the court room and waited one hour fifteen minutes. When they opened the door a little after 9:00 am I went inside and took a seat. As I sat there observing all the cases that were heard before mine I realized that I was not scared. I also realized (thanks to your advice) that I can do this. I can stand up in front of this Judge and speak without being afraid or anxious. As I observed the proceedings I could not believe how many people came to court in jeans. The defendants were in jeans. I was just amazed.

Anyhow, I sat there until about 11:30 am and then the Judge called my name and I arose from my seat and said Good Morning your Honor just as confidant as I could be and he said Good Morning mam. I approached the podium and sat my purse on the bench in front next to the podium and your Honor asked how do you plead Ms. Donaldson and I said guilty your Honor and he asked the officer about my record and I spoke up and said your Honor I have taken driver improvement classes, I have a letter of recommendation from the instructor, a calibration certificate and I also have a copy of my driving record. He asked the court officer to bring up the papers so he could take a look at them. After he went through the papers he asked me if I took the classes online or if I went to class and I said I went to the class your Honor and he looked at me and said I tell you what and paused for a moment and then he said since you did all this on your own I will reduce the charge to improper driving and he asked the officer if he had any objections and the officer said no and I said thank you your Honor and I turned around and walked out of the court room.

I can’t tell you how happy I was when I left that court room. The charge was reduced from reckless driving to improper driving. Thanks to you and the Last Traffic Stop classes I have learned a great deal about driving safely and about myself and I know that I will never be in traffic court again if I can help it. At least not as a defendant.


Barbara D.

Dear Mr. Guerrero,
I just wanted to write you an update and say thank you! I had my court date last week for my wreckless by speeding 76 in a 55 in Fairfax. I attended court a couple of times before hand to observe and get a feel for what I was facing. On the day of, I plead not guilty and we proceeded with the trial. I presented my speedometer calibration that indicated a two mile an hour error and the judge immediately reduce the charge to just a speeding infraction. I then proceeded with my good driving record and followed with the certificate from your course and he assessed a $30.00 fine!! I said thank you your honor and left! I got the best deal of the day! Everyone with attorney's got the wreckless dropped but still had to pay a minimum of $150 in fines! I can't believe how I made out so well!

Thank you for preparing me and giving me the confidence to beat this! I really enjoyed your course too! You have a great, heartwarming personality and it was a real pleasure to meet you!

Thank you again.


Jason T. J. [full last name redacted for privacy]

Dear Mr. Guerrero,
Thank you for writing a letter on my daughter’s behalf stating her enthusiastic participation in your driver improvement class. She submitted it during her hearing to the presiding judge and the judge commented on your complimentary choice of wording describing her situation.

My daughter did learn a significant amount of defensive driving knowledge during your class. When she was asked by the judge how she would respond to a similar traffic situation in the future, she responded that she would decelerate and allow the vehicle aggressively merging into her lane to do so, thereby reducing the likelihood of an accident and demonstrating a defensive driving maneuver that she had learned.

I also appreciate your foresight in providing a raised seal on the letter to substantiate its authenticity. My daughter will continue to apply the concepts, ideas and defensive driving attitude that your course provided.



Hello Mr. Guerrero,
I don't know if you remember me, but I recently attended your safety class on October 4th, 2008. If you'll recall, I was charged with reckless driving for driving a speed of 95 in a 55 mile zone. As you know, that was a very serious charge and I was extremely nervous about my court date on October 30th, but your tips were extremely helpful to me. I took my certificates and the letter you wrote for me and I believe the judge was very impressed. With the help of your class and my attorney, I was given a $300 fine.

I don't believe the outcome of my case would have been so good without your assistance. Your class was fantastic. The things you had to say were funny, interesting, and extremely insightful and I would recommend your class to anyone who needed it.

Thank you so much for all your help!



Mr. Guerrero,
Before attending your classes I was in a very difficult situation with a reckless driving charge of 30+ mph over the speed limit. The consensus by my lawyer and his peers were I would either lose my license and or have a large fine and misdemeanor on my record for the next 11 years. During my trial your certificate, letter of recommendation and aggressive driving course certificate were presented to the judge and he examined them extensively. After some deliberation his final judgment was ONLY speeding 87 in a 55.

So thank you for your class, you insight and your letter of recommendation!



Hello Mr. Guerrero,
I attended your course a few weeks ago in the Tysons area. I went to court last week with a Reckless Driving ticket. After showing up at court, the charge was lowered to Improper Driving.

Thanks for everything!


Dear Mr. Guerrero,
I wanted to write and let you know how my case turned out. I thought this was an important step, because the testimonials on your site gave me great inspiration too.

As you may recall, I was charged with Reckless Driving by Speed, 82 MPH in a 65 zone on I-81. I attended your class on January 3rd, obtained a letter of recommendation from you, and also secured a copy of my driving record (clean). Additionally, thanks to your sound advice, I also had my speedometer calibrated to which a 3 MPH lag was discovered.

On my court date, I decided to represent myself and arrived to court over an hour early, like you instructed. When the judge called my name, I calmly approached the bench and said "Good Morning Your Honor." He then asked me how I pled, and I said, "Guilty with an explanation your honor." After hearing the testimony of the state trooper (it was a rather routine stop) he then asked me for my explanation. I shared with him my course certificate, my calibration certificate, my letter of recommendation, and also the DMV record. The judge reviewed my materials and reduced the charge to 78 in a 65 MPH zone and gave me a $60 fine. With court costs included I paid only $121.00!

I am truly thankful that God blessed me to attend your class. Prior to, I was set on hiring a lawyer, and would have paid over 10 times the amount my ticket was for! Your class was wonderful and engaging and I truly have recommended it to others to take. Thank you so much and have a wonderful day.


Dear Mr. Guerrero,
I attended your class this past Saturday and I could not wait until after my court date to send you a quick note. I wanted you to know that no matter how things turn out in court; your Defensive Driving class was EXCELLENT!! Not only did you impart to everyone the information needed to increase our knowledge and improve our driving skills…..you took things to a whole other level by providing personal examples, which helped emphasize the need to change and made me really think about “why” I was doing “what” I was doing. I especially like how you weaved into the training throughout the day, little tidbits to help others learn from your life experiences ……you know, just everyday things that can each of help us deal with some things that life can sometimes throw our way.

You made the class not only interesting….but enjoyable!! I am retired military and have been to my share of training classes - - your class was a very refreshing change of pace from my past experiences in the military and while first learning to drive. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND your class to ANYONE that wants to (or needs to) take a class on defensive driving/driver improvement.

I will send you a follow up note after my court date in Fairfax on 3 February and let you know the final result of my case. I know ultimately that the outcome is in the Judge’s hands, but your class and the testimonials of others that have attended your training have empowered me to go confidently into court. I am going to court this week to observe the process as you recommended so I will be prepared for my time next week.

Thanks again for EVERYTHING!!


- CJ

Respected Sir,
I attended your remarkably inspirational class on January 24, 2015, and I must say it did wonders about making me feel unperturbed about my going to court.

Thank you for all the expert information!

Once again, I thoroughly have benefited from your class. The asset of knowledge I attained is tremendously valuable and you disband the dread and nervousness of making a court appearance.

God Bless!!!


Mr. Guerrero,
I want to take a moment to thank you for teaching the Driver Improvement and Aggressive Driving Courses and also for writing me a letter of recommendation. I was originally charged with 90 mph reckless driving and I was fortunate enough to have that reduced to improper driving with a $500 fine. This was an amazing outcome and I wanted to make sure I share it with you.

Thank you again for allowing me to learn from you!!


Hello Edward,
I voluntarily enrolled and was graciously accepted to enroll in your Driver Improvement course after receiving a speeding ticket. Years ago, I took a DI course, but nothing like yours. Your class was very detail-oriented and allowed the students and opportunity to be engaged while also learning the "rules of the road." I liked the fact that you took the time to make correlations to real-life situations and made it clear that driving is a privilege and not a right.

Sitting in the front row, I am usually skeptical of how I would be able to stay focused but you definitely proved me wrong! You made the 8-hour course fly by with your stories and knowledge that was bar-none. I really appreciate the fact that you genuinely care about the students in your class and make it known that we are not just a body in the seat.

Thank you again for being such a knowledgeable, kind, and respectful teacher. I would gladly enroll in your course again in the future (as a volunteer without receiving a ticket). I will recommend you if there are others that have similar situations like mine and need to take the DI course.

I wish you and your family well. You're the man! Thanks for being so awesome =)



P.S. Don't stop playing the music that you love so much. It was very soothing to the ears.

Dear Mr. Guerrero,
I wanted to thank you for the defensive driving class this last weekend that I took with you. It was not at all what I had anticipated, in a very good way. Not only did I learn many ways to make my driving safer for myself and everyone else on the road, but I also learned some important lessons about life.

It's not common nowadays that people believe in truly helping people, sticking to your word, or taking responsibility for those around you. So many people brush aside the truly important things in life in their effort to keep up in our fast paced world. Family and compassion to those around you seem to be a thing of the past.

With you, these virtues are not forgotten. With you they are alive. Listening to the life you lead, how you took care of your family, and helped so many people along the way showed me that.

I really learned a lot from you last Saturday morning; lessons I will never forget.

I wanted to thank you for Saturday. You have changed my life in many ways.

This traffic ticket was the best ticket I ever got.

If you are available, I would like to invite you for a meal to my family restaurant. We have been in the area for 20 years and we make some decent food.

Also, is there another class that you offer that could help me earn more points on my license? I know with you that it will not only be an excellent class in driving, but also an entertaining and worthwhile Saturday morning.

Again, thank you for the amazing class.



Hi Mr. Guerrero
I'm sending this email to say thank you again for your help and support and precious documents. They worked more than I expected in the court. My 76/55 has changed to 64/55, so my reckless driving ticket converted to just speeding and no negative points. I just paid $150 fine and court fee!

Thank you very much again,


Dear Mr. Guerrero,
Thank you for the opportunity to attend your class (31 May 2014). As a driver for over 30 years, I was able to come away from your class with some new insights on driving, courts, and life. Here's how the court date went:

I wore a suit/tie, brought one folder with paperwork, and arrived to the Arlington Court house before 0800 for a 1000 start time. I was the first to arrive, even before those scheduled for the 0900 session. I waited in line for the Commonwealth Attorney and when my Trooper arrived, I asked to state my intentions. I said, "Good morning, sir, I'm [name], I received a ticket (73 in a 45 considered "Reckless Driving") and would like to plead Guilty with Explanation". He said, "Go ahead". I told him, "I am very sorry for my actions. I am not here to tell a story or challenge the system. I realized the severity of the ticket (6 points and Misdemeanor) and wanted to take corrective measures right away - not after the court date. I attended the first available in-class driving course 'The Last Traffic Stop', not one of the online types that DMV recommended. I received a letter the instructor saw fit in writing on my behalf stating I asked many questions and was genuinely interested in the subject matter. I also received an official speedometer calibration check that showed mine was 'off' a little. Can you help me?" He offed to reduce the 73/45 to a 59/45, which would still have a fine and some DMV points, but would not carry the severity of the Reckless Driving or misdemeanor. I paused and thought. I asked, "Since this is my first Reckless Driving ticket and I expect it to be my last, would it be a possibility to request a 'Suspended Imposition of Sentence (SIS)' with two years probation?" He said, "We don't see or do this often, but okay. We can offer a SIS for one year. No fines today, no report to DMV, only in house recording. You would need to come back in one year. If no new violations, all charges for this ticket will be dropped. No report to DMV (maybe a court fee). However, if you do have a driving violation within a year, the Reckless Driving will stick." He wrote these details on a small blue sheet. Some may have opted for the lesser charge now, but I am happy with the SIS.

When I entered the court room (around 0930) I got to hear some of the other messes. The judge called my name at 0945 (my Trooper was not in the court room yet). I stood, said, "Good Morning, Your Honor." He said to approach the front. I was expecting the whole same routine that I went through with the Commonwealth Attorney, but the judge had already received the blue sheet with the SIS details. He asked if this is what I want. I said, "Yes, Your Honor, the Suspended Imposition of Sentence would be great." He said, "Okay, lets do this." He then set a return date for one year.

I'll let you know how that goes.

Thanks again and take care.

Mr. Guerrero,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance regarding the services The Last Traffic Stop provides. It is an invaluable life lesson, that I am sure many people have appreciated over the years, hopefully with many more to come. I have time to reflect on the lessons I was supposed to learn since I have been given a second chance to continue driving. In the fast pace of the National Capital Region, I had forgotten what a privilege it is to drive. I hadn’t realized the bad habits I formed after driving here for nearly five years. Some things like my personal safety, along with the safety of others should not be taken for granted, especially when life is so short. The thing I learned most from you was to stop and smell the roses and relax because there is no rush to get to the end. Especially when the end could come at any time. Since I deal with death ever day at Arlington National Cemetery, I had forgotten about my own life and how precious it is to others. The Last Traffic Stop has certainly made a positive impact on my life and the life of my family since, I have slowed down to smell the roses and enjoy life for what it is.

On another note: Legal Representation $1500.00, Courses and other automobile related tests $300.00, Fine $250.00, six points removed from a perfect record , misdemeanor conviction but, No license suspension and the Last Traffic Stop, priceless. Please keep providing an invaluable service to the community. Your heart is pure and you are a gracious instructor with plenty of things still to pass on to the irresponsible drivers like myself out there. God Bless you and your family.


Hello Mr. Guerrero,
You were right I did not need an attorney. My attorney had the citation converted to a regular speeding and the speed was reduced by 3 mph (which was what your calibration report stated).

Many thanks,


Mr. Guerrero,
I apologize for waiting so long to get back to you and let you know my traffic court results.

I went to court on November 23, 2009, at the Fairfax County Courthouse. I am eternally grateful first of all to God and secondly to you for your advice and help. I am fortunate to have met you and to have been one of your students.

You see, I had been very prayerful about my situation, ever since I got my speeding ticket and knew that I had to make a court appearance because of the violation. I was blessed to have been put in a courtroom where the judge was fair and compassionate. As I waited for court to convene, I overheard the attorneys that were waiting in line for their motions to be heard, say that all of us in our courtroom had the advantage because we had this particular judge that day.

Almost everyone had an attorney to represent them that day, but I was there “pro se”. I remember being especially attentive in your class, and I had taken good notes. I was prayerful and confident that God would give me the composure to tell the truth with respect and the right words to say.

I remembered all the things you taught us to do and say. I arrived at the Fairfax County Courthouse on time, found parking, the list of names on the docket, along with the list of arresting officers, and located the courtroom and waited with the others for an hour or so for the doors to open.

I found a seat close to the front so I could observe all that was going on. I wasn’t called until about 10:45 a.m.. This gave me the opportunity to watch the course of events as others came forth ahead of me.

Many were dressed inappropriately. I came in business attire and carried a small purse that could be placed on the chair near me when I was called.

When I was called, I responded to the judge respectfully with a smile and said, “good morning Your Honor.” He had a pleasant smile. He asked the officer if there was anything unusual to report about my case. The officer replied, “no Your Honor.” The judge asked me how I pleaded to the charge of reckless driving and speeding. I responded that I was not aware of the speed or the seriousness of the charge. I told him that the officer explained to me that I was 27 miles over the posted speed limit and in the state of Virginia that meant a reckless driving charge, and that I couldn’t just pay the fine, but I had to appear in court.

I told the judge that I immediately realized that I was in serious trouble and had to take responsibility for my actions, so I took a Driver Improvement Course. I told the judge that I went to an 8-hour class and had received a certificate of completion, a letter of recommendation from the instructor, had a speedometer calibration completed, and a copy of my driving record with me. The Judge asked the bailiff to bring these papers to him. He reviewed them, kept all the documents, but gave me back my driving record. He then said to me, “I am dismissing the charges, you go down the hall and pay for the court costs.” I said, “ thank you Your Honor, have a nice Thanksgiving.” I silently said to myself, “Thank you Jesus!” and hurried out of the courtroom to pay the court costs of $72.00. I left the courthouse, paid my $8.00 parking fee and drove home very vigilantly.

I am now programmed to drive the speed limit no matter what. I stay in the right lane and pass only if necessary. I constantly ask myself, “Do you really need to pass?”

Thank you so much Mr. Guerrero, you’re much appreciated and remembered. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas. May you have a happy and prosperous New Year.


E. M.

Mr. Guerrero,
Fantastic news!!! Thank you for all your help; I was able to reduce the charge from reckless speeding to regular speeding, $80 fine plus court fee. I prepared so well that he asked me if I was an attorney or a law student, also commenting that I dressed better than typical attorneys in the courtroom. I am so glad that I took your class, and no doubt that I will be recommending your class to anyone who needs quality driver education and advice!


I had my court date in early November. Mr. Mcglone was able to get the charges reduced from Reckless 83/55 to Speeding 74/55
The knowledge I gained by attending your class was invaluable and will definitely recommend to everyone who is listening to me. On the court date, I saw many citizens face the judge and saw the results. People who did not attend your class or did not have a lawyer, they all were convicted with harsh sentences.

With my Happy Thanksgiving Wishes


Mr. Guerrero,
good morning. I know Sunday is a sad but important day as you visit your son's grave…..

I just wanted to say 'thank you' once again and let you know that, with your and Mr. McGlone's assistance, I had the reckless (81 on the toll road) reduced to 'improper driving'.

Continued success to you, sir.

hey mr. guerrero,
i took your 8hr driver improvement class in tysons corner va on jan 15.

i wanted to let you know how my court case came out.

my court date was on jan 27. it snowed that particular day, and court was closed, and all cases were continued to feb18.

on feb 18, i went to court, and the docket started at 1:30pm.

the courtroom was packed, and about 10 troopers were there for their court cases. my troopers cases were called up towards the end.

i heard my name called, and i plead not guilty(hoping that i would be found guilty to a lesser charge.)

as court cases were running, i saw one trooper pull out his radar calibration slips to present to the judge. at that time, i looked over to my trooper, and i saw her shuffling through her notebook and not seeming to find it.

when my case was called, i walked up, and swore in. i put my file folder on the podium, and was ready to begin. the judge asked the trooper to tell her side of the story. the trooper was again shuffling though her notes, and then asked the judge, "can i see your copy of the summons?" the bailiff passed the paper to her, and she looked it over. when she was done, she passed the paper back. the judge asked the trooper for her side of the story again, and the trooper said,"no comment".

i was stunned, and the judge said,"looks like the trooper cut you a break."

then i blurted out, "thank you trooper, thank you your honor"

the judge called the next person to the front, and that was my case. it lasted all of 1 minute.

i paid no court costs, no fees, nothing.

i swear that i lucked out; my prayers for no criminal charges were answered.

the final ruling is "nolle prosequi" for my case

thank you for having such a great class


Hello Mr. Guerrero,
I had to write to tell you just how much I appreciate everything you provided to help me with my court case. Instead of reckless driving, the judge knocked my charge down to speeding with a resonable fine. I was the only one in the court room who greeted him with a "Good Morning, Your Honor," after he called my name, which I could tell stunned him (so, that part was kind of funny). I was really nervous so I am positive that your pointers are what really encouraged the judge see his way clear to help me with my case; thus, I can not express enough, just how appreciative I am for everything. Not only did you make the class interesting, you gave your students useful information, which combined with your stories, will always be remembered.

You and your family will continue to be in my prayers and sending one as I type.

Thank you so much again!


Jean C.

Dear Mr. Guerrero:
Just writing in jubilation to say THANK YOU and offer you my testimony that everything you said I did and it worked!

Charges were reduced from reckless driving to improper control of my vehicle and the judge personally thanked me for representing myself.

So this was the action plan:

Dressed my best (tie & suit - everyone thought I was an attorney in the court).
Rehearsed my lines and my case (prepared myself mentally for the best and worst scenarios).
Spoke in very respectful manner with your honor at the beginning or end of my sentence, plead guilty but with explanation. The judge was also a nice one, to his credit.
The officer & the judge were both impressed and “nodded in surprise” when I told them I attended your course. That’s when the judge deliberated with the officer to reduce the charges.
All in all, it went remarkably well although the officer threw some extra charges in there at the beginning to ask for a severe punishment or fine.

But I ended paying way less than I was imagining. I think I saved a total of $600 going your route.

THANK YOU again, wholeheartedly. I truly enjoyed your class, may God bless your health and your family. I will just come to see you from time to time, just to have a good laugh.


Dear Edward,
I went to court on my Alexandria case today and because I attended your aggressive driving class in addition to the one from ADA, the prosecutor reduced my ticket to an improper lane change. So, as of today, I have no speeding violations on my 33 year driving record. Even though I am a lawyer, were it not for what I learned in your class, I would not have been as adept as I was today in court and in dealing with the prosecutor.

I told my lawyer, Tom Carter of Alexandria, to only send his clients to your school because of all that I learned in your class and how well you prepared your students for court. Tom was very impressed with my preparation.

Thank you, thank you a million times thank you.

Best, H.

Dear Mr. Guerrero,
I attended your class today.

I wanted to thank you for all the stories and life wisdom you shared.

I recognize that with your approach this class is about much more than just proper driving.

I couldn't agree more with your opening statement, that it is all about Second Chances.


Speedy recovery and I hope to run into you soon - but not as your student :-))

I took your class on December 29. Just want to give you an update on my case. I went to court this morning. My lawyer Jeffrey Romanick worked out a deal with the prosecutor. Reckless driving charge (for driving at 79/55) was reduced to speeding 74/55. So I just paid $100 fine plus court cost. This is the ideal result I was looking for. Thank you very much for your class and your letter. I think they really helped my case.
I'm glad it is finally over. I can relax a little bit and enjoy the coming Chinese new year which is this weekend.

By the way, I have become one of the slowest drivers on road since. It's kind of boring, no fun in driving at all. Engine throttle almost never passes 2K RPM. But it's ok. I can live with that.

Thanks again and best regards!