We offer the Defensive Driving Course (DDC-8) and the Reckless & Aggressive Driving Course (6-Hour), as well as the services listed below.

Speedometer Calibration

If you are going to Court on a speeding charge, it may be a good idea to get your speedometer calibrated for accuracy, before going to Court. I can do it for you, before or after class, or by appointment. You get a notarized calibration certificate showing true speed and speedometer speed. A couple of miles in your favor can make a difference in Court. The fee is $50.


If you have a Virginia license, your DMV record will be updated, online, the same day and will show the completion date and the reason for taking the class. I have direct access to DMV’s computer.

Duplicate Certificates

Duplicate certificates can be issued (they will be marked duplicates) if the original is lost or destroyed. The fee is $25, pre-paid.

Letter of Recommendation

A letter of recommendation may be written, at the sole discretion of the instructor, after completion of the class. There is a charge of $25 for this service. This fee is donated to charity.

Automobile Insurance

Stop paying too much for automobile insurance! Call today to see how much you can save! You can get immediate coverage—even on weekends and holidays.

You will never need to go anywhere or call anyone else, all your questions will be answered.