Defensive Driving Course (DDC-8)

The 8-hour Defensive Driving Course (DDC-8) teaches you to become a better, more careful, and defensive driver. If you have demerit points on your license or are about to get points for a recent violation, you may want to take this course to earn 5 points to your favor. (Note: This applies to Virginia licensees only. Please call for information on point reduction laws in other states.) Taking this class may help you avoid being required by DMV to take the course. If DMV requires you to take the class, you only have a certain amount of time to take the class; otherwise, DMV will suspend your driver’s license. See information regarding reinstating your Virginia Driver’s license on DMV’s website for details.

During the class, we discuss a variety of subjects, including the traffic court system in Virginia, police procedures, and DMV. We encourage students to participate in class and to ask questions. You will never need to go anywhere or call anyone else, all your questions will be answered.

Reckless & Aggressive Driving Course (6-Hour)

We also offer a 6-hour Reckless and Aggressive Driving Course during the week. Please call (703-759-6786) or email [email protected] for details.


Points are given by the DMV not the Court. 

Insurance companies look at the violations on your record, not the points, and they generally look to see what you have, going back anywhere from 35 months to 5 years, depending on their filing with the State Corporation Commission, Bureau of Insurance in Richmond, Virginia.


If you have a Virginia license and take the class voluntarily, you will get up to 5+ points after successfully completing the class. If you have gone to Traffic Court and the judge will either dismiss or lower the violation with which you were charged, upon completion of the 8-hour Driving Improvement Class, you will not get + points by taking the class, unless you bring with you a Court order indicating that you are to get + points (DMV mandate effective June 1, 2007). Those sent by the City of Alexandria District Court (by Court order) can not even be reported to DMV of class completion.

Virginia DMV gives you 1 point for every year that you have no convictions and/or at-fault accidents. The most you can accumulate on the plus side is 5+ points. Virginia has 3, 4, and 6 point violations and they remain on your record for 2 years, after which time the points drop off, but you do not get them back. The conviction itself will stay on your record for 3, 5, or 11 years, depending on the violation.

District of Columbia

If you have a District of Columbia license, DC DMV will take a Virginia violation and the points that attach to that violation, from your record, upon successful completion of the Defensive Driving class. You can delete one violation per year.


If you have a Maryland license, you will not get any points, but if your violation was committed in Virginia, you might be able to get the violation dismissed. You must come to my class for details.

Virginia Drivers Only

We will update your Virginia driving record online the same day you take the class. (Provided the DMV website is not unavailable due to maintenance or an unplanned outage.)

Virginia DMV & Court Information

To request a PIN number from Virginia DMV go to
To renew your Virginia vehicle registration go to sp?id=59
To renew your Virginia driver’s license go to
Alexandria City Civil Division 703-838-4021
Alexandria City Traffic Division 703-838-4041
Arlington County Traffic Court 703-228-7900
Fairfax County Traffic Division 703-246-3764
Fairfax County Juvenile & Domestic Relations 703-246-4990
Hanover County Court 804-365-6191
Hanover County Juvenile & Domestic Relations 804-365-6200
Loudoun County Traffic Division 703-777-0312
Prince William General District Court 703-792-6141
Shenandoah County District Court 540-459-6130
Stafford County Civil Court 540-658-8766